Classic Sports Car Club Racetruck Open Series

A highly-regarded racing category of the Classic Sports Car Club, the Open Series is this year sponsored by Racetruck! And we’re delighted to be supporting this fantastic racing event.

What is the Classic Sports Car Club?

If you’re reading this, the chances are you probably know a little about the Classic Sports Car Club (CSCC) or you might even be a member. But, for anyone reading this who’s not familiar with it:

The Classic Sports Car Club exists to organise friendly racing for classic and modern cars alike, with an emphasis on great value for money and exceptional driving standards.

About Racetruck Open Series

As one of a range of racing categories in CSCC the Racetruck Open series has been specifically created to celebrate all production Saloon, Hatchback, Sevens, Sports, GT and Kit Car marques of any age (excluding sports racers), running on treaded 1A/1B/1C or Historic tyres.

A thrilling race for the impassioned racer, almost anything goes! Just 3 simple rules apply:

  • No single seaters
  • No sports racers
  • No slicks (or wets)

What’s more, Racetruck are committed, not only to sponsoring the 2018 series, but also the 2019 season.

The perfect opportunity to showcase the potential of Racetruck, Founder Ian Knight saw the sponsorship as an opportunity to support the unique race that he and James Sturges (Ramair) have raced in since the beginning!

To learn more about Racetruck and what we can do for you, contact us today.