Ramair and Racetruck

We’re delighted to announce our association with Club Racer and Director of Ramair Filters, James Sturges.

James is a close personal friend of Racetruck Founder Ian Knight, and has been supporting our work since our humble beginnings; the proud owner of a Racevan and previous owner of an early version of the Racetruck during the first phases of development.

James Sturges’ passion for racing

An impassioned racer and car enthusiast, James has been racing for the last 4 years. His favourite part of racing? The competition.

James strives to continually develop his skills and improve his race times at every single meeting – feeding his ambition to be the best.

Why Racetruck?

When asked why James likes Racetruck, he replied:

“It allows you to stay away when racing. But the biggest thing is security. You can put your expensive vehicle in the truck and it is secure, unlike an open trailer.

“Plus, it has all the space and utility of a larger 7.5t vehicle yet only requires a normal licence and is smaller, lighter and easier to use than a heavier vehicle.”

Ramair to sponsor award at Racetruck Open Series

Furthermore, James’ business Ramair is sponsoring the Driver of the Day Award at the Racetruck Open Series, as part of the Classic Sports Car Club – offering a generous £100 Ramair voucher to the winner of ‘Driver of the Day’.

We’re forever grateful to James Sturges for his ongoing and tireless support of our brand; acting as a true ambassador for the Racetruck name.

To learn more about Racetruck, and how we could help you, please contact us today.