DMS Technologies gets us to the circuit on time!

Whether you’re racing a 68 plate Ferrari 812 Superfast or a 1962 AC Cobra, racing will forever be exhilarating.

However, like anything, racing often comes with it’s own challenges – something which our Founder, Ian Knight, discovered very recently!

Of course, we all know that with Racetruck there’s no need to tow, but when the battery goes flat on your racing car due to lack of use, sometimes you need to call on the support of your peers…

Whilst preparing to race on the Castle Combe circuit – one of the UK’s best-loved circuits – on 15th September, Ian discovered that the battery had gone flat on his trusted BMW GTR.

A potentially disastrous discovery for any keen racer just days before a big race and leaving many racers with no option but to pull out of a race, fortunately Ian – who’s well-connected in the field – was able to call upon the support of Managing Director of DMS Technologies, David Burrows, for help.

Specialising in the design, development, manufacturing, and testing of sophisticated DC power systems for industrial and military applications, DMS Technologies are also well-known for their Varley Red Top batteries, specifically designed as part of their Motorsport Battery Range.

David was able to ‘save the day’ by personally delivering a new battery to Ian for his GTR; meaning he can still compete in Saturday’s race.

A kind and generous gesture from the Managing Director of DMS Technologies, Ian is endlessly grateful to David for helping him to overcome this challenge – almost every racer’s worst nightmare!

And, of course, Ian will be taking his GTR to the circuit in a Racetruck…

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