Start an AddVenture

Whatever you do for your AddVenture, can easily be accommodated in the rear of the vehicle with your living accommodation at the front. Your equipment in the back is:-

♦  Safe & secure from prying eyes

♦  Protected when in transportation

♦  The vehicle is designed to fit your AddVenture

And when you arrive at your destination the inside of the AddVenture vehicle slides back to provide extra living space. 

Be one of the first to experience our new vehicle and start your AddVenture.

So if your adrenaline sport is :-

♦  Canoeing

♦  Rock climbing

♦  Mountain biking

♦  Diving

♦  Jet skiing

and involves the transportation of expensive gear & equipment – we have a vehicle that can accommodate your AddVenture.  Please leave your details and we will be pleased to send your further information.

Addventure vehicle montage